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    Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre Co., Ltd.
    Bus and Metro Guide:

    1. Metro Line 6 - Shaheding Station - Exit A, turn left walking for about 10 meters and turn left again into Shui Yin Road, walk for about 300 meters,  turn left into Shui Yin Si Heng Road, walk for about 30 meters and you will see the red gate of the troupe on the left.
    2. Bus No. 6, 27, 547, 78, 192, 199, get off at the 19th Route Army Cemetery Station.

    Address: No.37, Shui Yin Si Heng Road,

                   Tianhe District, Guangzhou

                   P. R. China

    Postcode: 510075

    Marketing Department: 020-87047099 (Phone & Fax)

    Finance Department: 020-87047530 

    Human Resources Department: 020-87047224

    General Affairs Department: 020-87049483

    website: www.yuyth.cn

    Email: mdgzcircus@163.com

    WeChat public account: Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe

    Tiktok public account: Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe

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